Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Quick Riding Update

I am finally getting back in the saddle again...or should I say saddles? My pal Shari has persuaded me that I need to change my saddle, so I have ridden in three different saddles this week, not including my regular one. One fit me great and fit my horse badly (and had a bad squeak). One fit my horse great and me badly - he went so fabbo in it that I would even consider keeping it - or maybe trying to find the next size up - it's just too cramped for me. The third one fit my horse badly and I didn't even sit in it - it was kind of beat up too and would need some work to whup it into shape.

I have two to pick up tomorrow and will try to ride in them before the weekend. Riding in the one saddle that really fit Shadow was quite an eye-opener - he felt so light and forward - he tends to be a little phlegmatic, but now I feel like I have been driving him into the ground with bad tack. What a bad mom I am!

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