Friday, March 03, 2006

First week in March!


Didn't ride last night, but taught a lesson.

This weekend is gonna be a bear. I need to:
Farm - call the guys who did some work on my barn and bug them to come and finish. Make a list for them of remaining tasks.
Drag, lime and seed one of the fields.
Drag and seed a portion of another field.

Pick up feed.
Drop off saddle I had on trial that didn't work.
Drive down to VA and video a horse for a friend.

Riding Club:
Finish up the Show omnibus and send to printer. How did I get dragged into this?
Update web page. I am about a month behind.

Got get pics up on my sis's web page too.

House & Garden - I really need to clear out old debris from the flower beds. Bulbs are coming up and I should also mulch around them. I am gonna call a gal that used to do yard work for us and see if she can give me a weekend of work and blast away at some of this stuff. When we bought the place a retired couple owned it and there were flower beds everywhere. It was truly gorgeous, but there is no way to maintain it when you are working full time!
Ironing. Ugh.

And somewhere in there, I want to ride, sleep, eat, and knit - and oh yeah, I also have to pay bills. And book a hotel for a wedding we are going to at the end of the month. (Baby blankies final destination - and yes they did jump the gun a bit! )

Did a little work on the baby blankie, but I have been getting up early and I am pooped in the evenings. What an old fart I am getting to be!

Baby blankie is at 17+ inches - needs to be 30" before the 23rd.
Hank's vest is at about 10 inches - gosh I would like to finish this before it's too warm for him to wear it!
The Trellis scarf is at about 1 inch and holding since I am waiting to finish at least one of the others before digging on in.

Staying good on the Stashalong, but Earthfaire is having a 13% off sale. (? dunno - I will have to email and ask why 13%, why not 17% in honor of St Paddy's day? LOL)

She has some beautiful alpaca/merino blend stuff, but I will try to be strong. I still have some that I got on Valentine's day, so why do I need more? I need to keep practicing knitting obsessively more than I practice acquiring yarn obsessively! The Stashalong has actually been great, because it shows me how much I knee jerk and get anything that catches my fancy even though I have oodles of yarn. I hope I can stay strong after the stashalong too and be more disciplined in how I buy yarn.

I am planning to take a continental class this spring - will have to see if I can be more zippy. If I knit more stuff, then it's okay to buy more yarn! LOL

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