Sunday, November 24, 2013

Saddles for Sale

I have some tack that I need to move along to a new home.

Trilogy Debbie McDonald 18.5 MW.  This saddle is in great shape, barely used.  It runs narrow, it fit Sig (narrow TB) fine with a Thinline fleece under it and he is a pretty narrow number.  I would say it would be more like a medium.  The seat is a true 18.5, but the flaps are pretty straight and with my long thigh, it just put me in a bad spot.  It kills me to sell it because I really like it.  Comes with Trilogy saddle cover.  $2900.

County Stablizer XTR, Long Flap, 18 M.  Another beautiful saddle that doesn't fit me, right.  I guess I need a long forward flap, not just a long flap.  It's in gorgeous shape and is so comfortable.  I think this one runs pretty true to size.  My friend Marie fox-hunted Sig in it last year, but since I took the ride back, it has just been sitting around, so it's got to go!  $2850

Saddles are near Frederick, MD.  I would rather not ship, but it's definitely an option.