Saturday, August 26, 2017

Puppies! Almost 7 weeks!

Had a great visit with the gang.  Met a couple who are looking for a puppy and we had a great time playing with the gang all afternoon!  This is the first time that they have figured out how to climb up on the beds and they had a great time messing around over and under.  We also took a walk in the yard, and then it was time for a looooong snooze.

The gang saying "HI!!!"

Leroy climbing on the bed and peering under the bed!





Most of the gang - out for a walk in the yard.

Wrestling - Linus and Lola, Leroy looking on.

Beautiful puppy line up!  Lola, Liv and Lonnie.

Lola and Linus

Leroy and Linus after a tennis ball.

And just cuz they are so cute that I can't stand it!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Puppies! Almost 6 weeks.

This was their second time outside.  Auntie Shelley came along to play with them and help with the photo ops!

Cammie being an attentive mommy.

But - she got to come home with me!

Linus hanging out with Shell - puppies loved those toes!


Lola checking out my shoelaces

Lonnie - the gardener!

Shell with Linus

Shell still lovin' on Linus

Schmoozing with grandpa Rudy and cousin Jill.

Playing with Shell - Liv, Linus and Lola

The gang.  

Snooze time under the place boards.

Liv - ready to nap

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Puppies - almost 5 weeks!

OMG!  I am loving puppy city! Spent a couple of hours with them this afternoon.  This was their first time outside and they had a great time romping around!  They were a little sleepy for their photo op - it happened after their patio playtime.  The outside pics mostly weren't that great.  I think I really need to crawl on my belly to get good puppy pics at this age!  LOL

Here's big Leroy - the biggest male.  Very laid back.  Look at those paws!


Why he wanted to wedge himself in the crack between the fence and patio, I don't know, but he really liked it there!

Here's Linus - the middle boy.  Definitely a lover!


This is Lonnie - He looks so much like his momma!


He was Sooooo sleepy!

This is Livie - I am pretty sure that she is coming home with me.  Not sure how poor Jason is going to manage with two wild corgis!


Snoozing on the patio.

And here's little Lola!

  Is that face the cutest?

Lola hanging with mom.

Here's the whole gang.

Clockwise from the top, Linus, Lonnie, Lola, Leroy & Livie

Linus supervising while the two girls take out Lonnie.  (Leroy was hanging with Shirley)

More puppy wars.

Sunday, August 06, 2017


This gang was born on July 11, so they are almost 4 weeks old here.

Little girl #1

Both of these are little girl #2.  What a face, eh?

Little boy #1

Little boy #2

Little boy #3

A pile of pups!

Momma is Cammie (Grangefield Here's to Now) and Poppa is Broderick ( Ch. Rochar & Stubby Acres Biloxi Blues)