Sunday, August 13, 2017

Puppies - almost 5 weeks!

OMG!  I am loving puppy city! Spent a couple of hours with them this afternoon.  This was their first time outside and they had a great time romping around!  They were a little sleepy for their photo op - it happened after their patio playtime.  The outside pics mostly weren't that great.  I think I really need to crawl on my belly to get good puppy pics at this age!  LOL

Here's big Leroy - the biggest male.  Very laid back.  Look at those paws!


Why he wanted to wedge himself in the crack between the fence and patio, I don't know, but he really liked it there!

Here's Linus - the middle boy.  Definitely a lover!


This is Lonnie - He looks so much like his momma!


He was Sooooo sleepy!

This is Livie - I am pretty sure that she is coming home with me.  Not sure how poor Jason is going to manage with two wild corgis!


Snoozing on the patio.

And here's little Lola!

  Is that face the cutest?

Lola hanging with mom.

Here's the whole gang.

Clockwise from the top, Linus, Lonnie, Lola, Leroy & Livie

Linus supervising while the two girls take out Lonnie.  (Leroy was hanging with Shirley)


More puppy wars.

Sunday, August 06, 2017


This gang was born on July 11, so they are almost 4 weeks old here.

Little girl #1

Both of these are little girl #2.  What a face, eh?

Little boy #1

Little boy #2

Little boy #3

A pile of pups!

Momma is Cammie (Grangefield Here's to Now) and Poppa is Broderick ( Ch. Rochar & Stubby Acres Biloxi Blues)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kitchen moving out!

The big news is the kitchen.  It's looking amazing!  Can't wait for the granite!

It's hard to see in the photos, but the green in the upper cabinets is lighter than the lower cabinets, except for the tall piece in the middle of the pic.

My kitchen fireplace!  Whoo hoo!  Shoe molding at the bottom will be replaced with stained oak.

Looking towards the hallway.  You can see the farmhouse sink & the dishwasher on the right. If there's any money left over (hahahaha), I will replace the ceiling fan.

Hardwoods are being refinished - third coat tomorrow.  They are looking great.

Washer and dryer are hooked up.  Basement floor was painted too - it looks great.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

House update

Things are really coming along!  Painting is nearly complete.  Windows have all been reglazed.  Guest bath is almost done & master is close behind.  Parker is almost finished with the vanity and it looks really lovely.  Vanity top is on order.

The kitchen has the most left to do.  Flooring will be coming in this week and granite is ordered for the counter tops. Appliances are here, but installation is on hold until the flooring wraps up.  Washer and dryer are in the basement, but not yet hooked up.

Master shower.  This will have glass doors.  Vanity will be walnut with a gorgeous figured granite.

Guest bathroom.  Pretty much done except for a few details.  I am thinking about knitting a linen panel for the window.  I think that would be pretty cool.

Entry lighting.  Not much to say on this one.  Old lamp was hideous.  I like this one!

Ditto here with the hallway lighting.  A little work doing on with the smoke alarm.

This is the living room.  Floors will be refinished next week.  These are in pretty good shape, but some of the other floors are a little rough.  I will have the guy sand them and then stain them as light a stain as makes sense all around.

This is the dining room.  This is the only room where I am second guessing the paint color - not sure about the wainscoting.  I am thinking about pulling the green from the kitchen into this room.  Will see what Ka and Bubba think.

Here is a quick snap of the kitchen.  I only took the one pic b/c it is still pretty rough looking.  Love the colors though.  Not sure if you can tell, but the upper and lower cabinets are two different colors.  Pending granite is a dark charcoal gray with a leathered finish.  You can see that the floors are still a work in progress, but the sink is in!  Pretty, eh?

I am not posting pics of the bedrooms.  They got new coats of paint and floors will be refinished next week, so getting close.  The light in the house is so funny that it's hard to get true colors - there is a big green echo from all the trees outside!  Crazy!

Friday, June 17, 2016

A little knitting update

House is coming along great.  Will post more pics soon.

In the meantime - some recent knitting.

This is  a really pretty design by Romi Hill called FuchsiaNouveau.  The yarn is a silk/linen blend dyed by dyedianadye (etsy shop).  It was really a fun knit.  

I have a really pretty shawl by Anne Hanson on the needles now in a yummy blue colorway.

Packing is going a little slower than I would prefer - I would rather knit than pack.  I would rather do most anything than pack, but I have to get on it.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Starting to come back together!

So stuff is happening!  So exciting!

Here's my bedroom.  It was purple before.  This makes me much happier!

Master bath with drywall in place!

This will be my craft room.  Sweet!

Here's the guest bedroom.  It's actually pink.  Maybe a little pinker than I expected!  LOL

Guest bath.  Tub and drywall in place!

This is the den.  Not painted yet, but French doors in place. 
Pretty, eh?

Kitchen-ish.  Not a whole lotta change, but the cabinet header is in place.  Still need to pick flooring and finalize paint color here.  (check out the can lights - we haz illumination!)

Living room painted.  I love how this color looks!  So warm and inviting.  The original white (in DR) is so cold that it looks blue in comparison!

Wainscotting color in teeny swatch. I think it will be nice.  Another shot contrasting the cold white of the original paint with the new paint.

Just got the price for the kitchen countertop that I wanted - 4K.  Ummm No.  Back to the drawing board!