Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stashalong windup

Okay - here's what I used up during the Stashalong...
Seaman's Shawl (Myrna Stahlman)- 2 Sk Araucania Nature Wool.
Shari's Socks (Actually Wyvern socks Marnie McLean - very nice!) - 2 Sk Koigu
Peg's Scarf (self designed) - 2 sk Koigu
Horseshoe lace scarf (self designed) 1 sk Lisa Souza Cashmere
Baby blanket (self designed) 5 sk Koigu
Hank's Vest (not quite done, self designed) 6 sk Alice Starmore 3 ply

So counting Hanks vest - I think I am allowed it's only the neckband left used up 18 skeins of yarn! Not so bad!

On the sticks -
Dancing Leaf Shawl (Sivia Harding)- 3 sk Koigu
Trellis Lace Scarf (IK Winter)- 1 sk CTH Possum Lace
Linen Lace Shawl (Nancie Wiseman) 1 sk Blue Heron Sparkly Rayon
W - ( 1 or 2? , not sure Schaefer Lauren

In planning stage -
DLS shawl for my mom - planning to get some Euroflax and try that
Kuba Vest - Kit from LaLana is in my stash.
Wyvern socks - for me - plan to use up the Lorna's laces for these.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Vest Q and DFS WIP

Otay - here is the WIP Diamond Fantasy Shawl - in Koigu. It looks pretty nice when you pin it out! Kewl!

I have a dilemna too though. Here's the samples for the front/neck bands for hubs sweater. One is garter stitch (on the right), one is seed stitch (on the left). I like the buttonholes I practiced in the seed stitch swatch way better than the other buttonholes, so ignore the bad ones! LOL

Whaddya think? Garter/seed? I am leaning a bit towards the garter, but like 'em both okay.

Here's a closeup to help you decide...

And the almost finished object below!

And from Knitter in Progress...

A is for Age: 49
B is for Booze: Not a big drinker, but microbrews, white sangria, Merlot, Shiraz
C is for Career: Network Engineer
D is for Dad's Name: Mervin
E is for Essential Item to Bring to a Party: Dessert
F is for Favorite Songs at the Moment: The Wind (Warren Zevon)
G is for Goof-off Thing to Do: Web Surf & play computer games
H is for Hometown: Great Falls, MT
I is for Instrument You Play: Mandolin
J is for Jam or Jelly you Like: UGH. Does Peanut butter count?
K is for Kids: None – 2 pups (gunner/Rowdy) 3 horses (Pro, Shadow, Callas)
L is for Living Arrangement: Small Farm with hub and critters
M is for Mom's Name: Carol
N is for Names of Good Friends: Shari, Mel, (Randy, Shelley, Kaja, Jo - sis’s)
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: ? Maybe for tonsils when I was two
P is for Pets: See K is for kids
Q is for Quotes you Like: "When will then be now? Never again." –Space Balls
R is for Relationship That Lasted Longest: DH – going on 8 years
S is for Siblings: See N for Names of good Friends
T is for Texas: AustinU is for Unique Trait: Like to clean the barn!
V is for Vegetables You Love: Brussel Sprouts, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.
W is for Worst Traits: Sometimes bitchy!
X is for X-rays You've Had: teeth, knees
Y is for Yummy Food You Make: Fudge, stir-fried chix, Pork loin in mustard sauce
Z is for Zodiac Sign: Aries/Taurus cusp

Sunday, March 26, 2006

More on the Blankie story

Well - just got back from Fla. The wedding was err.... spectacular!

They held it outdoors on the beach, scheduled for sundown so that they would be married against the backdrop of a sunset. It was a beautiful idea and was beautiful to watch, however, the temps were unseasonably cold and a vicious north wind was whipping!

Bride's mom had provided her with a white hoodie sweatshirt with Just Married spelled out on the back in rhinestones (cuter than it sounds!), so after the ceremony, she hopped into her sweatshirt, but she was sooo cold. I made her open her present a bit early, so it spent the evening wrapped around mom!

She loved the colors and it certainly proved useful on the day!

I decided to go with #5 - the medium blues for the shawl. I was leaning towards the Lorna's laces, but someone commented that it might prove too stripey and could look a little funny, so maybe I will make a pair of socks instead. I liked the light blue also, but I am making it for me and with the farm life I am afraid it would show the dirt too much.

Finished two repeats of the lace patten now - about 70 rows - and it's very pretty. Not much to look at in process, but when you stretch it out, you can see that it will be very nice! No pics til later in the week. Next task - TAXES!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blankie Complete!!!

Wrapped up baby blankie just in time! "Designed it" myself (a Barbara Walker pattern with a garter stitch border) and am soooo pleased with how it came out! I even washed and dried it to be *REALLY* sure it would work before I gave it to my neice. Snuggly soft and scrumptious feeling. It's in Koigu on #4 needles and finished size is 28x36.

Now I am on to the Diamond Fantasy Shawl by Sivia Harding. Since I am being a good destasher, these are my choices! Help me out with which one I should use. I like 'em all, so the winning vote gets made! LOL

1) Dark Reds/blues/purples. Washable wool. Koigu
2) Purple/green. Washable wool. Lorna's shepherd sock.
3) Amber/gold. Merino alpaca blend, handwash. Haneke.
4) Pale blues/greens. Koigu
5) Medium blues/greens/purples. Koigu
6) Dark Purple/green. Washable wool. Bonkers

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just a little ridin' stuff

Thought I would post a piccie of me and my boy from a clinic we rode in this weekend.

No I wasn't knitting, but I am about at 26" on baby blankie with one more ball of koigu to go. WHEW!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Saint Paddy's day

Movin' right along! Picked up buttons yesterday. Swatched a little piece so that I can experiment with a seed stitch and/or garter stitch border and blocked it last night.

While that was drying, charted baby blankie pattern, figured out where I went off, tinked back to that point and then proceeded full steam ahead.

Whew! Will do the neckband experiment tonight and maybe get started on it. Fingers crossed.

Have a dressage clinic this weekend. Maybe will bring one of the projects with me and work and watch. Haven't mastered knitting and riding together LOL!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Vest ALMOST wrapped up!

What a "doh" moment! Picked up a little potty reading (knitting without tears) and EZ spells out in there how to pick up armband/neckband stitches. Why do I buy all these books anyhow????

Anyway, armbands are done. About to start neckband and feeling a bit more confident - will go by a somewhat local fabric store today (reco by the knittyboard folks - great idea!) for buttons! With all systems go, I figure I can do about half the neckband tonight, the other half Friday night and get buttons sewed on Saturday.

Yay! and AUGH! That gives me less than a week to finish baby blankie. We fly Friday at oh dark hundred. Maybe I will take Monday off and knit all day.

Will try to get vest pics up soon. It is gorgeous!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another quickie 3/15


Did one armhole band with a little twist cable. Didn't like how it looked and there was a bit of buckling, so I left it for the time being and did the other one with straight k1p1 ribbing. 84 stitches. Nope, frogged it did it again with 102 stitches. Nope. Finally did it with 120 stitches and it's okay.

Now have to frog the first one and redo.

Then on to the buttonband/neckband - I guess I will put in lots more stitches than I think belong there!

Baby blanket is languishing. I MUST finish this vest! And I have to go get buttons somewhere!

Joined a Sivia Harding Diamond Fantasy Shawl/Scarf KAL. Koigu or Haneke Merino/Alpaca - that is the question. Can't start it until baby blankie is complete, but it might be a nice take-along project to the wedding.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Just a quickie - 3-12-06

3-10 Finished the back of vest! Fronts blocked last night. Will block the back tonight and sew together over the weekend, then it's just finishing up! Pics soon!

3-12 Vest Yay! Back blocked. Fronts & backs sewn together. First armhole stitches picked up and ready to go. Two armholes and the fronts/neckband to go. Plus I need to find some buttons. But this is getting really close!

Mini vest ugh. I think I blocked this a bit too aggressively. Once I am done, will pin it out with a little "fluff" room, mist it and see if I can revitalize it a bit. Lesson learned - conservative blocking with the Starmore yarns.

Blankie Ugh! Somehow I got "off" on the row count. It's an 18 row - every row is different- pattern and I have been following it blindly rather than doing the analysis to figure out where I am, so now I have to go chart it or something and figure out where the hell I am! And the last thing I want to do with blankie is go backwards!!!!

Now that the weather is getting better, knitting is gonna be tough!! Rode in a quadrille yesterday. Shadow was a star - he hasn't worked in close quarters before and these horses were all strangers.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Latest Project Pics

Hank's vest. Armhole shaping complete. Headed up to the back neck shaping. It looks short to me, but we will see.

Baby blanket. Just a bigger rectangle than last time! LOL

Trellis lace scarf. Lacy blob with lifelines. Once I finish one of the others will dig in on this a bit more. (And just for scale, those lifelines are from a bit of scrap koigu!) Yarn is CTH Possum lace in Old Rose. Yummm.

Lavendar Linen Lace Shawl from Nancie Wiseman's book. Only it's in Blue Heron. This was a Christmas project to be that got dropped. Thought I would take a pic anyway. It will go back in the loop once I have flattened a couple of other things. I like it.

Now I gotta go ride the tractor for a while and hopefully will have time to plop my fanny on a horse too!

Friday, March 03, 2006

First week in March!


Didn't ride last night, but taught a lesson.

This weekend is gonna be a bear. I need to:
Farm - call the guys who did some work on my barn and bug them to come and finish. Make a list for them of remaining tasks.
Drag, lime and seed one of the fields.
Drag and seed a portion of another field.

Pick up feed.
Drop off saddle I had on trial that didn't work.
Drive down to VA and video a horse for a friend.

Riding Club:
Finish up the Show omnibus and send to printer. How did I get dragged into this?
Update web page. I am about a month behind.

Got get pics up on my sis's web page too.

House & Garden - I really need to clear out old debris from the flower beds. Bulbs are coming up and I should also mulch around them. I am gonna call a gal that used to do yard work for us and see if she can give me a weekend of work and blast away at some of this stuff. When we bought the place a retired couple owned it and there were flower beds everywhere. It was truly gorgeous, but there is no way to maintain it when you are working full time!
Ironing. Ugh.

And somewhere in there, I want to ride, sleep, eat, and knit - and oh yeah, I also have to pay bills. And book a hotel for a wedding we are going to at the end of the month. (Baby blankies final destination - and yes they did jump the gun a bit! )

Did a little work on the baby blankie, but I have been getting up early and I am pooped in the evenings. What an old fart I am getting to be!

Baby blankie is at 17+ inches - needs to be 30" before the 23rd.
Hank's vest is at about 10 inches - gosh I would like to finish this before it's too warm for him to wear it!
The Trellis scarf is at about 1 inch and holding since I am waiting to finish at least one of the others before digging on in.

Staying good on the Stashalong, but Earthfaire is having a 13% off sale. (? dunno - I will have to email and ask why 13%, why not 17% in honor of St Paddy's day? LOL)

She has some beautiful alpaca/merino blend stuff, but I will try to be strong. I still have some that I got on Valentine's day, so why do I need more? I need to keep practicing knitting obsessively more than I practice acquiring yarn obsessively! The Stashalong has actually been great, because it shows me how much I knee jerk and get anything that catches my fancy even though I have oodles of yarn. I hope I can stay strong after the stashalong too and be more disciplined in how I buy yarn.

I am planning to take a continental class this spring - will have to see if I can be more zippy. If I knit more stuff, then it's okay to buy more yarn! LOL