Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday am Update

Pics added. Here's some pics of Peg's scarf. I really am diggin' on this scarf! "Designed" it myself. It's a Barbara Walker leaf lace pattern and I just edged it with a touch of garter stitch.

There is a mistake in it - but I didn't see it until I had finished and blocked it, so it stays!

2/10 -

I should be okay through April EXCEPT kpixie is having a sale and Dancing Leaf/Kipparoo (local hand-dyers) are having a sale. ACK! Who knows who else is going to tempt me! I had better go stroke some yarn!

Anyway. Henry's vest right front is up to 8". Maybe I will cast on the back ribbing too - just so that I am REALLY full steam ahead!

and I started a mini-clap in the cashmere. I have never knitted with cashmere before. Hope it's not blasphemy to say that I don't like it much! Let me clarify that! LOL The yarn is gorgeous and the feel is very soft, but I really like the boingy elasticity of wool. The cashmere knits up like cotton. Wierd. Anyway - doing the mini-clap with garter stitch instead of stockinette so that ought to add some bounce to it. Haven't dropped a stitch yet to see how it will look. That will decide if I continue on this path or try something else.

Patted the baby blankie, but didn't knit on it.

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Kim said...

Great scarf--good for you on designing it yourself. Hang in there with the sales. I almost caved this week and bought some trekking XXL--I found a website with some great colors, but I didn't crack(at least not yet). Just passing through on Stashalong patrol--have a great week!