Saturday, April 29, 2006


I am SO close to done on hub's vest, but I have now put in and ripped out the button band 3 times! ARGH!

I think I just need to pick up more stitches, it is too tight, so that will be next "thing" to try, but I hate redoing. This tells me I am SO not cut out to be a knit designer! LOL

Also wound up tinking like 5 rows of the DFS - must be in a bad biorhythm place!

On the horse front, Shadow is back from the trainer's - all tuned up and lovely to ride! Just had the saddle fitting lady come out this am and we bought a new saddle for his wideness!

Since April 8, have ridden every day except for three! No wonder I am having trouble finishing any knitted items. Too much fanny in the saddle time! LOL

My photo op pal is gonna come and take pics of our ride this afternoon, so if she gets any good ones, will add them on later.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Restash in pics

Well - a friend of mine says "if it doesn't taste good enough to be worth the calories don't eat it!"

So here are my post/pre Stashalong splurges.

Euroflax Milan lace weight. Can't wait to get started with this. It's sitting by my desk as my petting yarn right now! LOL. This will be a Creatures of the Reef shawl.

Schaefer Andrea. Laceweight silk. Ohlala! This will be a TBD. Will swatch and see how it knits up as entrelac.

Lorna's Laces Sock. The camoflouge (?sp) color. For my nephew - a hat. Cabled spider. Ohyeah!

Last but not least - more Koigu. Another baby blanket. I am out of my freakin mind. Will swatch on 5's. If I don't get too anal, I might be able to do that instead of 4's. Crazed.

Horse stuff.

Rode little Biz today. She is such a nice little mare. Easy peasy. No bucks in the canter, left canter felt quite nice. Right canter still awfully stiff, but she is getting more supple. Also stepped on Ranger - a big chestnut QH who belongs to a student. What a fun horse. He's a little green, a little crooked, but nice movement and a nice disposition. Then hopped on Smokey (boarder) for a bit during the lesson with his owner. He is coming right along. I am most pleased with him. Need to drop a note to the folks who are training Shadow and ask for the weekly report. I miss my big baby boy!

Off to work the DFS - on repeat 6 - will probably take it to 8, but maybe more. Will decide as I go along.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Horsey De-Stash/Knitting Re-Stash

Not really, but...

Shadow has gone down to VA for a few weeks with my teacher. Getting some tuneup, getting him to understand some of the next level of work/movements he will be doing, so that he doesn't learn them from a dork! LOL So one pone down. Then my friend Mel had her filly at my place for a short while as her barn was full, and she took her home yesterday, so two pones down. Five horses! I won't know what to do with myself in the morning! LOL Rode my boarder's mare this am - delightful older QH - very well trained but a bit stiff. I am tuning up her canter so that my boarder, who is an adult beginner, will be able to learn to canter on a cadillac.

Knitting-wise, I re-stashed, but only with stuff that was earmarked for projects. Pics later -but 2 cones of Euroflax Milan for a lace shawl for my mom. 2 skeins of Shepherd Sock in Camo to make a hat for my nephew. I think I will cable a spider on it - very cool! 6 skeins of Koigu for baby blankie #2 and 1 skein of Andrea for a shawl for my sis. I might also try the boucle silk from Schaefer for my sis who is allergic to wool. So destashed 30 and added 9. Almost finished with my DFS shawl which will de-stash another 3.

Starting today, I am on a new stashalong for 2 months. So when the DFS shawl gets done, it will go in that pot. Then I STILL have to finish hubby's vest, but that should go quickly, then I think I will start on the baby blankie and the hat concurrently. The baby blankie will take a while. I need to swatch a bit to decide what stitch I want to use on this one.

That's all!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Really the windup!

I MADE IT!!!!!

Didn't finish anything over the last couple of days - been helping hub with his web updates.

I was gonna place an order at midnight plus one, but I was too sleepy. So as I fall off the wagon, this is what I am ordering...

1) 2 skeins of Euroflax linen laceweight for a shawl for my mom
- Was thinking another Diamond Fantasy, but I found the "Creatures of the Deep" shawl from Fiddlesticks and I think she will really like that - she is a beach girl at heart.
Yarn - (in the lichen color)
Pattern -
2) 1 skein of Schaefer Andrea for a shawl for my sis
- Haven't decided which shawl yet. I have lots of choices - I have the Myrna Stahlman book, plus several Barbara Walker books (design my own), plus the DFS or a couple of other Sivia Harding patterns, plus all the free stuff that's out there, so I will take a look at the yarn and swatch a bit and see what I come up with.
Picked the Frida Kahlo color
3) "Something" for a shawl for me (maybe if I like that linen, I will get some for me)
-Am thinking the Baltic Sea Shawl or the entrelac shawl out of IK (Now that would be a CHALLENGE!

So I will still have a nice net loss in the stash and this yarn is all earmarked for definite "things". Mom has a september B-day and sis has an October b-day.

In the meantime, I will need to start cataloging my stash, so that I can target the reduction areas! I did sell some Noro and Poof on Ebay - forgot about that. There's a couple of other impulse buys that I should probably put up and just move down the road!

So add another 12 skeins to the de-stash - 10 Noro Silk Garden and 2 Poof. Whoo hoo - removed 30 skeins! That's pretty amazing.

The only other "problem" is that Maryland Sheep and Wool is the first weekend in May. That could be a small problem - ULP! But I promise not to buy 30 skeins! LOL