Thursday, December 29, 2005

Current WIP. Hank's Vest

Here's the WIP. A vest I am designing for hubby Hank.

It's in Virtual Yarns Hebridean 3 ply. Worsted weight. Color is Carrageen and it's freakin' impossible to photograph to catch the beauty of the yarn. It's a browny-green with undertones of gold and purple and teeny flecks of brighter colors.

It's the left front. The diamond twist will be next to the button band. Then the horseshoe panel that is the theme of the vest. (Hub is farrier) Then a panel of moss and a wickerwork panel and a second moss panel which will border the left seam.

Onward and upward - time to add a few rows before bed!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Felting 101

Okay - First felting project done. French Market Bag from Knitty. It's drying now.

Lessons learned...SWATCH!!! LOL!

I used Lambs Pride Worsted and Nashua Wooly Stripes and then used some scrap thick and thin with a metallic thread as an accent. The scrap was a leap of faith because I couldn't remember if it was wool or synthetic or what. Everything actually felted nicely, but differently! Yikes!

The Wooly Stripes felted beautifully - I actually wish I had used more of it. The LP also felted nicely, but not as intensely as the WS, so it is a bit looser and some stitch definition still shows. And I lucked out because the scrap yarn also felted - there are just some little gold unfelted stitches hanging out here and there - it looks okay.

I can see using the different felting properties of yarns as a design element. But that will have to wait.

On the sticks - Shedir hat - almost done
Christmas vest for hubby - embryonic - am rethinking the design, don't know if I can make it for Christmas

Scarf for sis (Am thinking of branching out or a mini-clapotis)
Scarf or Purse for Neice
Vest (Maybe) for Nephew - I have some nice blue Silky wool I got for cheap that would be pretty.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Baby new Blog

Just started a blog. (so i am slow!) This will be a place to talk about riding, knitting, the pups and anything else that comes along that I want to chat about.

Gotta run this am, but will add some stuff this weekend.