Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The more things change....

Just a quickie to post some pics.

Here is a felted vase that I made for my sis as a visit present. I haven't felted much before so many lessons learned here, one of which is use the same base yarn for felted object so it felts a bit more evenly! LOL But it's cute anyhow and has spawned a bunch of ideas that I want to start working up. Felting is cool.

The other pic is the start of some I-cord binding that's going to go on a quilt for friend. It's in a bit of koigu that I had left over from another project. I love the colors - they are going to go great with the quilt blocks and I like the notion of the thread that binds us all together being something that is so changeable and varied.

I guess I am in a very transformational mood!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

STR Socks with yarn #1 are done!

I joined the STR Sock Club this year, but have had so much stuff to catch up on that I am way behind on knitting the socks. The first yarn is their medium weight in a crazy variegated green with tan and cream and a purply gray (Monsoon). I didn't care for it much at first, but once I started knitting with it, I liked it more and more. It's very subtle and beautiful and VERY hard to photograph nicely! I couldn't make gauge for the included pattern, so swatched around a bit and made these socks up. They are based on a toe-up sock out of Sensational Socks, but I used a japanese short row toe.

They are a little goofy - pattern (a patterned rib from BW) doesn't start until 3 inches up the foot because I was just going to do stockinette, but got bored. Then I forgot to carry the heel stitches all the way up the heel once I started the gusset - see the standing pic - oops!. I am having trouble getting a good pic of them, but they are really cute in person.

Did another repeat or so on the Baltic Sea Stole. Looks the same only about 1 1/2 inches longer - when this thing is finished, I want a MEDAL!

Swatched the second yarn the other night - it's Silkie in colorway Walk on the Wild Tide. It is scrumptious yarn, both in feel and color. It's a teeny bit splitty to knit up due to how it's plied, but well worth the trouble. I am tempted to order some more and just make a top out of it! I am not so sure I like the second sock pattern, so maybe I will do the first one in this yarn. I guess I like to mix stuff up!

Still have to finish up the edging for Peg's vest. I am still wrestling with what I want to do - regular ribbing around the bottom with the diagonal rib on the front and neck? Diagonal rib all the way around? Regular rib all the way around. And if I do diagonal rib on the front, do I do the bottom ribbing first and carry the diagonal rib all the way to the bottom? Or do I do the front/neck band first and finish off the entire bottom with ribbing? SO many options. Maybe I will drag it over to the knitting shop and get some live input.

I am still looking for the designer of this sweater. A couple of people have suggested Alice Starmore, but I don't think it's her work - more likely an Alice knockoff.

For Stashalong, I am so golden, although I have to admit I was SOOOOO tempted the other day - someone posted about Koigu on sale for under $7/skein. Never mind the fact that I have about 15 skeins of Koigu sitting around waiting for me to do something with them, I wanted more! But I resisted, and am very proud of myself! So finished one skein of STR this week.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Quick update

Working away on my Socks That Rock yarn. (First batch) Couldn't make gauge on the pattern, so fudged around and made up my own. The yarn is kind of a funky color, but it's growing on me and I love the way it knits up. Just have to finish up the cuffs and ribbing - another day or two I would guess.

Need to finish up the border portions of Peg's vest. That needs to be done by June 23.

And plugging away very slowly on the Baltic Sea Stole.

On a more serious note, check out Anne is encouraging folks to sponsor a gal who is riding for MS. (and offering great prizes for those who help!) I have pitched in to sponsor Claudia and am also throwing in two balls of yarn - Filatura Multicolor - a mohair blend in purples/blues/greens. Go to Anne's page for more details.