Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Update - No pics

Hank's vest is coming along nicely. I like how the pattern is playing out on the back - I have about 6" done - 18" to go - ACK! I am starting to worry that I might run out of yarn. That would be a serious annoyance!

Picked up the baby blanket again and did one 18 row repeat. Need to get crackin' cuz the wedding is 3/25 and it needs to be finished by then.

I am waiting to bind off the cashmere scarf until I can figure out how to make the finished end look more like the starting end. ie - zig zag vs flat. I suppose I could try to block the beginning end flatter and the ending end more zig zag and maybe we could meet in the middle... Hmmmm. Anyway - it's done except for binding off and blocking. Very pretty too!

Trellis Scarf is gonna be beautiful, but it's now the back burner project until I finish Hank's vest, then it will share with the baby blankie.

I picked up the new Elsebeth Lavold book. (Ha! Went in the yarn store and didn't buy a shred of yarn - I am woman, I am strong! LOL) She sure does some beautiful stuff. I am thinking about the tulip sweater. I have 10 sk of blue and 10 sk yellow Silky Wool in the stash. I wonder if I can find someone to swap it for a different color. They are beautiful, but neither is my fave.

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Kim said...

I have only been in a yarn shop once since Stashalong started and I ran in and out as quickly as possible ;) Just passing through on Stashalong patrol--have a great week!!