Monday, January 30, 2006

Update with pics

'Puter is still not 100%, but we are quite a bit more stable, so let's see if I can post some pics of WIPs.

1) Hank's vest. I love this yarn, but can't photograph it to save my life. It is brown and purple and green flecked with a bazillion colors. From Alice Starmore. I love it. This is the left front. My own design. 1/4 finished.

2) Shari's socks. This is the Wyvern pattern from Marnie McLean. Very fun to knit. 3/4 finished.

3) Baby Blanket. Is this gorgeous or what? I am so glad I went with this yarn - it is simply stunning. Photo is a somewhat darker than real life. Pattern is an embossed diamond pattern from Barbara Walker #1. 1/5 finished. 20+ more inches to go! Yikes.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Quick update


Poor Hank. Haven't even started the right front yet - Hank's vest is on hold. Maybe tonight.

Shari's socks. Finished one, frogged the other one and restarted & about halfway through the foot - it's looking good and going fast.

Baby blanket. Simply freakin gorgeous! I am getting about 5" per ball of yarn over a 30" width. Should wind up with approximately a 30x30 blanket - cool! It's at about 7" now.

Had to go downtown this week and all the stuff I am doing takes too much concentration for the metro, so I took some #2's and some koigu and swatched a bit for the toddler gansey I am planning for my grand-nephew. It's gonna be yummy!

A good week on the knitting front.

Not so good on the riding. Rode Pro Monday and haven't placed my fanny on a horse since. Today for sure and if I get my act together and ride early tomorrow, maybe I can miss the rain.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

One sock down - one to go

Finished the first (actually the second) sock. First one has been frogged and is ready to be redone without the huge runner along one side.

Now to figure if I need to block them or not. And if so, how? These are my first socks and I am boggling a little at the blocking notion. I think I need some fake feet!

Baby blanket and Hank's vest went on hold when I got so close to finishing the sock - will pick up over the weekend.

If the 'puter thing ever gets straightened out, I will post pics again.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Fighting with the computer..

Installed NIS 2006 last week and it killed my computer. Have been repairing and reconnecting and fussing ever since. Anyway - we seem to back up now.

On the knitting front - the baby blanket is about 6" deep - I NEED to take a pic of this - it is coming out Gorgeous! Hanks' vest - left front is finished - was hoping to cast on the right front this past weekend, but the computer problem chewed up too much time.

Started the second of Shari's socks and it went very well, I have already turned the heel and doing the leg (toe up sock). I am going to have to frog the first one and start over cuz I have a big ugly runner that I don't think will block out, but I figured out what to do on sock#2 to make it behave.

If the computer problem is REALLY fixed (it keeps fooling me) I will post pics as soon as I can.

On the riding front - Lesson on Shadow Friday, rode him Saturday and Pro Sunday. Horses seem fine, but man, my little leg muscles are crying and groaning. I HATE winter! Won't ride today - heavy chilly rain. Off to do the barn!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Okay -

The question is: Is this yarn okay for a baby blanket?

How about this one? It's brighter, but seems a bit girly - which means a 50/50 chance of being okay! LOL

Or do I buy some more (ulp - I am supposed to be on a yarn diet) in a more baby-blankie color like the Lorna's Laces

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quick update

Worked up the first armhole on Hank's vest. It looks good! This is great since I am making it up as I go along. I got a nifty book this summer that will help a lot! It's upstairs, but will make a note of the title and post it later. It's great for folks who want to design their own stuff. Once I get a side finished - maybe tonight - just have to finish the V-neck shaping and shoulders, I will take pics. I kind of want to do short row shaping for the shoulders, but haven't done it before - not sure this is the project to start on! LOL

Started swatching for a baby blanket - haven't figured out "THE" pattern yet. And did another inch or so on Shari's socks. Also swatched a bit for a scarf out of possum lace. Decided not to make a laceweight clapotis out of it - I think I will do a shawl out of Nancie Wiseman's book, but we will see.

As far as the stashalong goes, I did buy a skein because the second one I had for the seaman's scarf was really wrong, but otherwise, I have been strong!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

And TADA! Seaman's scarf DONE!

Here it is being blocked. What a nice scarf! (if I say so myself). The Anastasia Seaman's Scarf from Myrna Stahman's book - very easy knit. Took a little bit over one ball of Nature Wool. Because of the oopsie, I have almost two balls left. Will maybe see about making a felted basket out of it. Or maybe a hat to go with the scarf.

Lessee. What else am I working on... Hank's vest is moving slowly, nothing worth posting a pic on yet. However, I think Shari's socks are kinda cute. Using the Wyvern pattern from Marnie McClaren. It's pretty easy and I like working from the toe up. I am not very far on these yet, but what the hay. Now I have finished the scarf, I will have more time for the socks and vest, right? And the koigu is SO gorgeous and feels so wonderful to work with.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Seaman's Scarf ALMOST done!

Dang! There are no dyelots in the Nature Wool, but the second skein is much darker than the first. Tried alternating rows, but think I will stop by the LYS and see if I can find a skein that will match better.

I will be strong and only buy a replacement skein.

Lesson this am. Gotta run.

Here's the oops! Don't know if you can tell from this pic, but the ball of yarn has lots of quite dark variegated sections. The skeined yarn is much closer to the body, so I ripped out the darker stuff and put in the new stuff. It's finished! but I am posting the finished stuff in another post.

Lurve this scarf!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Finished the neck ribbing and am zipping down the second panel of lace. Did about 3" last night - Maybe 9-10" to go, so maybe I can finish it tonight and block it and be wearing it to work on Monday - Whoo hoo! Then I will divide up my time and do half on Hank's vest and half on Shari's socks.

Stashing up.

All the stuff I ordered at Christmas is starting to come in. Oooooh - I feel so BAD!

LaLana Vest kit and two patterns, one of which I will probably use on the GA silk/wool splurge I made before Christmas.

Kpixie - a bunch of Karoke, which will go either to a Bristow or to Shoalwaters (which I think I would make as a pullover - have to swatch it and see what I think). It's the rose pink color and REALLY pretty. Also some Shepherd sock in Iris, which is totally gorgeous.

Got a few skeins of alpaca from knitpicks. Will whip up some hats or something just to play with the yarn and get a feel for it. I can see it could definitely be the basis for many projects.

still pending - some Koigu, and some nummy stuff from Little Knits.

Then there was that 30% off sale at my LYS - that's where I got the first portion of the Karoke and some Mohair blend that's really pretty.

So now I need to pet all this stuff and start deciding what to make with it.

And remind me - if I feel tempted to buy more yarn, just run up and pet some stuff in my stash. Maybe I will bring some to work with me so I don't get tempted while surfing!! LOL

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Rollin' on the Seaman's scarf - finished the first lace panel and have done about half the ribbing that goes around the neck. Should finish that up tonight, then hopefully will have the other panel done by the weekend! Whoo hoo!

In the meantime, Hank's vest and Shari's socks are on hold until the scarf is done - unless I get bored with the scarf. LOL

Have my first "no buy" challenge. I got two skeins of Filatura Multicolor at a (pre-Jan 1) sale - about 350 yds. Now I am thinking about doing a cozy out of it, but that takes 800 yards. Someone needs to talk me into a mini-clapotis or a branching out, or something else that doesn't require a yarn purchase. Help me for I am weak...

No ridin' today - am just running too late. But here's a Shadow pic just for the halibut.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Seaman's Scarf

I REALLY need to get my act together and post some pics. But in the meantime...

Got about 8" done on the Seaman's scarf last night. Didn't feel like messing with anything complicated - it 's only a three row repeat, so pretty easy to stay on track. I do have one mistake on it, but in the vein of an oriental carpet, I think I will leave it! It's looking really nice.

Didn't work on Hank's vest or Shari's socks at all. It was all about me!

On the ridin' front - rode Shadow yesterday. He was going beautifully until Henry stepped out the door and started flapping the hearth rug to air it out. OMG - terror! I jumped off and took him over the house and we flapped stuff all around him and over his head, etc. etc. Finished off nicely, but NOT as nicely as he started. He was like buttah - we will get it again, though. And he does need to learn not to be such a chicken.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

No pics -

Just a quick update.

On the ridin' front - Rode Shadow in a lesson yesterday with a new trainer. My old one has gone to Europe for the winter and may not come back. We had a really good ride. Lots of canter work, lots of position work for me. Not sore today - will see how tomorrow goes - could be bad - we worked hard! Want to ride Pro this am and have to drag the ring and teach this afternoon, so better get on the schtick.

On the knittin front - Hank's vest left front is up to about 8" long. It's looking very beautiful. Will start the armhole shaping at 12". Will post a pic of the left front once it's done. Working on Wyvern socks in a blue variegated Koigu - if I get the time today (unlikely), I will grab a snap of how they are going so far - I think they are pretty cute - my first socks! Also working on a Seaman's Scarf out of Myrna Stahman's book. It's in a soft yellow Araucania Nature Wool - I just started it last night and only have a couple of inches done. Will post a pic when it's a little further along.