Saturday, October 28, 2006

Knitting Update - Making Strides

Baby blankie is up to 27"! Once I finish off the partial ball of yarn in the pic, I am done. Will wash & dry and wrap up to go off to my nephew's family to await the new arrival.

Baltic Sea Stole - Haven't been doing a huge amount of work on this. But it's coming along. I try to get a little done every night even though I am focused on Casino right now.

Casino Shawl - This is where I have been spending most of my time. It's an Ann Hanson pattern and is absolutely gorgeous in Ebony Sea Silk.

Boucle Quick Ribbed Scarf - This is a cutesy little ball of Boucle Mohair Blend from Sheep and Wool. It will be a Christmas present for a neice. It's a fast knit.

Stash Enchancement! This is a skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Hard to see in the pic, but it's a gorgeous muted blend of dark green, blue, charcoal and ochre. Destined to be a pair of socks. Then there are two skeins of CTH Fingering silk - maybe diagonal triangle tank or something similar. Then there is one skein of Schaefer Patty - boucle silk. Destined to be a Christmas scarf. And a skein of Blue Heron Beaded something - another Christmas scarf/small shawl.

Angora entrelac scarf - haven't touched it, so no new pics.

Total work done:
Blankie - 24x6
Stole - 15x3
Casino - 40(?)x7
Scarf - 5x30

About 580 square inches of knitting since last report! WOW! And that doesn't include any frogging of which there was a fair amount getting Casino started!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Baby Callas goes to Camp

I have been trying to blog for days, but Blogger has been a bit difficult. Got in this am and here's a pony report!

We started little Callas this summer, but she was quite growthy and there were a few little bugs (bucking and rearing!) that didn't quite get ironed out. So she went off to "camp" at John's place.

She's doing great!

Here she is starting to walk with a connection (that soft bow in her neck).

Then we have a lovely relaxed canter.

Then she and John took a little break! LOL

Then they went for her FIRST trail ride where she learned to walk over a big tire. She was totally awesome.

On the knitting front, zipping along, but haven't finished anything new - will try to post pics this weekend.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Knitting Update - 10/15

Well _ I have been a busy bee! I am glad I thought to put the tape measure on these things because at least I can see that I am making progress!!!

Finished the diagonal Triangle Tank. It's purty! DIdn't make the 10/10 b-day, but will ship it out this week.

Did another couple of inches on baby blankie. Better zoom on this one!

Three(!) more inches on the angora scarf. Didn't think I worked on it that much.

Only one more inch on the Baltic Sea Stole. Another one I had better get moving on. This is for a November birthday. LATE November thank goodness!

And the Casino Shawl, by Anne Hanson. It's in ebony Sea Silk and it's gonna be wazowie! when it's done.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Quick little knitting update!

Here's the diagonal Triangle Tank. Almost done. I actually had sewed it up, then realized that it was WAY too long in the armscye for my sis, so shortened it about 1 1/2". Left to do, restitch shoulder seams, put on finishing single crochet borders. Whew! Hope to do that tonight and finish for an October 10 b-day!

Baby blankie is at 20" in length. I am on skein #4. I definitely have another skein, but would have sworn that I bought six skeins - wierd. I think it will still be okay - probably about 24 x 30.

Added three inches on the entrelac scarf. I will be glad when this is done because frankly, I HATE this yarn. Like it less and less as I work with it, but I think the gal who is destined to get if for Christmas will love it. (she had BETTER! LOL)

Finally, the Baltic Sea Stole. Another 3" on that too. Too bad it photographs so poorly - it's really neat!

Once I finish Sis's top, I will put my nose to the grindstone on the tank and wrap that up, then probably start a claptois for one of the nieces for Christmas. I got some SWTC Phoenix on deep sale and that might be really pretty.

Okay - off to pack up for a clinic ride this afternoon. I am getting taped, so hopefully will be able to pull some stills off the tape.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Cowboy Shooting

Hub and I went to the Northeast Regional Cowboy shooting champs - held nearby. Neither of our ponies are ready for prime time yet, but we went and rode the course without shooting. What the heck, we looked spiffy anyhow!

What makes this really funny is that both horses are dressage horses for their day jobs - cowboy shooting is not their main "thing". This is a good thing because we are't really good at it yet! LOL

On the knitting front - finished a beaded bracelet, but need to get some glue to secure the ends before I trim. Sis's diagonal tank is seamed up, but haven't finished the edging on it. Added a couple of inches to the entrelac scarf and the Baltic Sea Stole. Great week!