Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Taking advantage...

of our free day on the Stashalong. It is a good thing to have a little break halfway through! Got some Haneke Gold. I just love the color of that stuff and it sounds scrumptious to work with. But I only got that even though I had my eye on a few other things on the site.

On the knitting front instead of the buying front, Hanks' vest right front is nearly done. Just need to finish the V decreases. Will take a pic when both fronts are done - that will be cool!

Baby blankie is languishing.

Cashmere scarf has morphed from a clapotis, which wasn't showing off the yarn much to a horseshoe lace scarf. That's coming along nicely - I should be able to wear it by next week. It's OHSO SOFT! I don't know how it will photograph as the colors are very subtle variations on blue, but we shall see.

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