Thursday, February 09, 2006

Quick update. No pics.

Finished up Peg's scarf last night. It's blocking now, but I had to double it up on the blocking board because it's too long, so pics would be goofy. Will try to get some snaps tonight or tomorrow morning. I am really pleased with how it came out. Hope she likes it!

Poor Hank - he has been waiting so patiently for his vest. Now I have cleared the decks of all the Christmas stuff but his and it's time to get rolling! I think I am going to use the basketweave twist texture on the front as an allover pattern on the back with a big horseshoe cable down the middle. Maybe a moss stitch panel at the sides to tie the front and back together. I was originally thinking of a triangle shape from the shoulders - similar to the German clock vest out of Folk Vests - which I would do something with, but I think that this will a) be simpler to complete and b) be more appealing to hubby.

Haven't touched the baby blanket - really wanted to get the scarf finished for the weekend. Actually, I have touched it - I keep picking it up and admiring it! LOL

This weekend, I will either swatch/cast on for the toddler gansey or maybe will work up some cashmere from Lisa Souza into a scarf for MOI! I was tempted to do the gansey for the knitting olympics, but I don't think I can finish it in time. Or maybe I will swatch some of that Karoke, or the totally indulgent Great Adirondack silk/wool that I splurged on before Christmas! So many options!

I am doing good on the stash. Peg's scarf used up 1.5 balls of koigu. And my planned projects (gansey & scarf) will use up 6 more balls of yarn. And my vague future projects...

This should definitely tide me over until April!

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