Monday, January 30, 2006

Update with pics

'Puter is still not 100%, but we are quite a bit more stable, so let's see if I can post some pics of WIPs.

1) Hank's vest. I love this yarn, but can't photograph it to save my life. It is brown and purple and green flecked with a bazillion colors. From Alice Starmore. I love it. This is the left front. My own design. 1/4 finished.

2) Shari's socks. This is the Wyvern pattern from Marnie McLean. Very fun to knit. 3/4 finished.

3) Baby Blanket. Is this gorgeous or what? I am so glad I went with this yarn - it is simply stunning. Photo is a somewhat darker than real life. Pattern is an embossed diamond pattern from Barbara Walker #1. 1/5 finished. 20+ more inches to go! Yikes.

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