Friday, January 06, 2006

Finished the neck ribbing and am zipping down the second panel of lace. Did about 3" last night - Maybe 9-10" to go, so maybe I can finish it tonight and block it and be wearing it to work on Monday - Whoo hoo! Then I will divide up my time and do half on Hank's vest and half on Shari's socks.

Stashing up.

All the stuff I ordered at Christmas is starting to come in. Oooooh - I feel so BAD!

LaLana Vest kit and two patterns, one of which I will probably use on the GA silk/wool splurge I made before Christmas.

Kpixie - a bunch of Karoke, which will go either to a Bristow or to Shoalwaters (which I think I would make as a pullover - have to swatch it and see what I think). It's the rose pink color and REALLY pretty. Also some Shepherd sock in Iris, which is totally gorgeous.

Got a few skeins of alpaca from knitpicks. Will whip up some hats or something just to play with the yarn and get a feel for it. I can see it could definitely be the basis for many projects.

still pending - some Koigu, and some nummy stuff from Little Knits.

Then there was that 30% off sale at my LYS - that's where I got the first portion of the Karoke and some Mohair blend that's really pretty.

So now I need to pet all this stuff and start deciding what to make with it.

And remind me - if I feel tempted to buy more yarn, just run up and pet some stuff in my stash. Maybe I will bring some to work with me so I don't get tempted while surfing!! LOL

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