Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quick update

Worked up the first armhole on Hank's vest. It looks good! This is great since I am making it up as I go along. I got a nifty book this summer that will help a lot! It's upstairs, but will make a note of the title and post it later. It's great for folks who want to design their own stuff. Once I get a side finished - maybe tonight - just have to finish the V-neck shaping and shoulders, I will take pics. I kind of want to do short row shaping for the shoulders, but haven't done it before - not sure this is the project to start on! LOL

Started swatching for a baby blanket - haven't figured out "THE" pattern yet. And did another inch or so on Shari's socks. Also swatched a bit for a scarf out of possum lace. Decided not to make a laceweight clapotis out of it - I think I will do a shawl out of Nancie Wiseman's book, but we will see.

As far as the stashalong goes, I did buy a skein because the second one I had for the seaman's scarf was really wrong, but otherwise, I have been strong!

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