Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Seaman's Scarf

I REALLY need to get my act together and post some pics. But in the meantime...

Got about 8" done on the Seaman's scarf last night. Didn't feel like messing with anything complicated - it 's only a three row repeat, so pretty easy to stay on track. I do have one mistake on it, but in the vein of an oriental carpet, I think I will leave it! It's looking really nice.

Didn't work on Hank's vest or Shari's socks at all. It was all about me!

On the ridin' front - rode Shadow yesterday. He was going beautifully until Henry stepped out the door and started flapping the hearth rug to air it out. OMG - terror! I jumped off and took him over the house and we flapped stuff all around him and over his head, etc. etc. Finished off nicely, but NOT as nicely as he started. He was like buttah - we will get it again, though. And he does need to learn not to be such a chicken.

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