Monday, January 23, 2006

Fighting with the computer..

Installed NIS 2006 last week and it killed my computer. Have been repairing and reconnecting and fussing ever since. Anyway - we seem to back up now.

On the knitting front - the baby blanket is about 6" deep - I NEED to take a pic of this - it is coming out Gorgeous! Hanks' vest - left front is finished - was hoping to cast on the right front this past weekend, but the computer problem chewed up too much time.

Started the second of Shari's socks and it went very well, I have already turned the heel and doing the leg (toe up sock). I am going to have to frog the first one and start over cuz I have a big ugly runner that I don't think will block out, but I figured out what to do on sock#2 to make it behave.

If the computer problem is REALLY fixed (it keeps fooling me) I will post pics as soon as I can.

On the riding front - Lesson on Shadow Friday, rode him Saturday and Pro Sunday. Horses seem fine, but man, my little leg muscles are crying and groaning. I HATE winter! Won't ride today - heavy chilly rain. Off to do the barn!

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