Saturday, January 28, 2006

Quick update


Poor Hank. Haven't even started the right front yet - Hank's vest is on hold. Maybe tonight.

Shari's socks. Finished one, frogged the other one and restarted & about halfway through the foot - it's looking good and going fast.

Baby blanket. Simply freakin gorgeous! I am getting about 5" per ball of yarn over a 30" width. Should wind up with approximately a 30x30 blanket - cool! It's at about 7" now.

Had to go downtown this week and all the stuff I am doing takes too much concentration for the metro, so I took some #2's and some koigu and swatched a bit for the toddler gansey I am planning for my grand-nephew. It's gonna be yummy!

A good week on the knitting front.

Not so good on the riding. Rode Pro Monday and haven't placed my fanny on a horse since. Today for sure and if I get my act together and ride early tomorrow, maybe I can miss the rain.

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