Thursday, March 16, 2006

Vest ALMOST wrapped up!

What a "doh" moment! Picked up a little potty reading (knitting without tears) and EZ spells out in there how to pick up armband/neckband stitches. Why do I buy all these books anyhow????

Anyway, armbands are done. About to start neckband and feeling a bit more confident - will go by a somewhat local fabric store today (reco by the knittyboard folks - great idea!) for buttons! With all systems go, I figure I can do about half the neckband tonight, the other half Friday night and get buttons sewed on Saturday.

Yay! and AUGH! That gives me less than a week to finish baby blankie. We fly Friday at oh dark hundred. Maybe I will take Monday off and knit all day.

Will try to get vest pics up soon. It is gorgeous!

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