Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another quickie 3/15


Did one armhole band with a little twist cable. Didn't like how it looked and there was a bit of buckling, so I left it for the time being and did the other one with straight k1p1 ribbing. 84 stitches. Nope, frogged it did it again with 102 stitches. Nope. Finally did it with 120 stitches and it's okay.

Now have to frog the first one and redo.

Then on to the buttonband/neckband - I guess I will put in lots more stitches than I think belong there!

Baby blanket is languishing. I MUST finish this vest! And I have to go get buttons somewhere!

Joined a Sivia Harding Diamond Fantasy Shawl/Scarf KAL. Koigu or Haneke Merino/Alpaca - that is the question. Can't start it until baby blankie is complete, but it might be a nice take-along project to the wedding.

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Stefaneener said...

Both yarn choices are so yummy. . . I'm just living my knitting life vicariously these days.

Oh, and I also dreamed I was riding a horse bareback at top speed, so either your blog or rereading Black Beauty to Thing 2 is infesting my head.