Friday, March 10, 2006

Just a quickie - 3-12-06

3-10 Finished the back of vest! Fronts blocked last night. Will block the back tonight and sew together over the weekend, then it's just finishing up! Pics soon!

3-12 Vest Yay! Back blocked. Fronts & backs sewn together. First armhole stitches picked up and ready to go. Two armholes and the fronts/neckband to go. Plus I need to find some buttons. But this is getting really close!

Mini vest ugh. I think I blocked this a bit too aggressively. Once I am done, will pin it out with a little "fluff" room, mist it and see if I can revitalize it a bit. Lesson learned - conservative blocking with the Starmore yarns.

Blankie Ugh! Somehow I got "off" on the row count. It's an 18 row - every row is different- pattern and I have been following it blindly rather than doing the analysis to figure out where I am, so now I have to go chart it or something and figure out where the hell I am! And the last thing I want to do with blankie is go backwards!!!!

Now that the weather is getting better, knitting is gonna be tough!! Rode in a quadrille yesterday. Shadow was a star - he hasn't worked in close quarters before and these horses were all strangers.


Stefaneener said...

Oh, I so feel your pain about going backwards on a project. Sorry! It will be nice when it's done!

Good work on the stranger-riding. You must have been very proud of him.

Kim said...

Good luck with the blanket problem--I hate it when I get lost in a pattern. I hope the vest turns out okay. I'm sorry your knitting time will be growing shorter as the days grow longer, but riding must be equally if not more fun! Just passing through on Stashalong patrol--have a great week!