Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blankie Complete!!!

Wrapped up baby blankie just in time! "Designed it" myself (a Barbara Walker pattern with a garter stitch border) and am soooo pleased with how it came out! I even washed and dried it to be *REALLY* sure it would work before I gave it to my neice. Snuggly soft and scrumptious feeling. It's in Koigu on #4 needles and finished size is 28x36.

Now I am on to the Diamond Fantasy Shawl by Sivia Harding. Since I am being a good destasher, these are my choices! Help me out with which one I should use. I like 'em all, so the winning vote gets made! LOL

1) Dark Reds/blues/purples. Washable wool. Koigu
2) Purple/green. Washable wool. Lorna's shepherd sock.
3) Amber/gold. Merino alpaca blend, handwash. Haneke.
4) Pale blues/greens. Koigu
5) Medium blues/greens/purples. Koigu
6) Dark Purple/green. Washable wool. Bonkers

What do you think?


turtlegirl76 said...

I vote #1 or #5. With a strong slant to #1. But that's just me.

Anywho, I love the blanket! You're niece will too! Beautiful job! And on #4 needles? And you didn't go insane? Kudos to you!

Stefaneener said...

#2 or #5, but gosh, any of them would be delightful. And the blankie is just gorgeous. I have GOT to get cracking on my knitting or else some babies are going to be really upset with me. I may just use your design method.

Areli said...

That blanket is beautiful! Lucky, lucky little niece getting wrapped up in that work of art! Of course she would be a little work of art herself, so it's fitting.

Rain said...

Your blanket is so beautiful. The yarn looks fantastic in it.

Annie said...

That baby blanket is really wonderful. Something she can save (after it has been used and loved and spit up on, etc)and pass on to her daughter someday.

I vote for the pale blue/green!

Kathy S. said...


Me said...

really pretty blanket! (lucky bride to get to wear that on top of her sweatshirt)