Friday, May 25, 2007

This n That

No stash busting this week as I finished up the Clapotis for Peg. She bought the yarn so it never came out of my stash. Dang! Now need to buckle down and design the edging for her vest.

Clapotis is from 2 skeins of Brooks Farm Riata from the MD Sheep & Wool festival. I have been working on so many lengthy projects, I just wanted to do something fast and pretty! And it sure is!
First pic is draped over some hosta, second pic is laid on our little bridge - like a purple carpet!

How about this peony??? This is Bartzella - an intersectional hybrid (crossed with a tree peony). I got this from They are really nice folks and the plants I got from them (Bartzella and Americana - a red one with a scent like wine! didn't get pics-bad me!) were very healthy - came up like gangbusters this spring. Both of them had 8+ buds, but I clipped back most of them even though it was VERY difficult!


Batty said...

I've never even seen the Riata, but it's beautiful! The colors are gorgeous and the stripes came out great.

Stefaneener said...

That's a pretty Clap. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. The yarn you donated is very pretty too. And your socks! They're just great.

A Crafty Lawyer said...

Really pretty colors in your clapotis -- and isn't that Riata yarn wonderful? I made an Hourglass Sweater out of it last winter, and it's so cozy!