Sunday, May 20, 2007

I am looking for a book

And in this book are some beautiful sweater patterns, including the one below. I would love to remember who wrote this book and what it was called so I can try to get another copy, but alas, my memory... The front is ballon cables surrounding an interlaced cable and the sleeves and back are all lattice. It's really spiff! I think it was a British designer and I think it was a hardback.

Took some farm pics this am -too totally beautiful!

And just for fun - Oriental poppy! That's the definition of orange in my book.


Anonymous said...

Great pics. Afraid I can't help with the sweater though.

Stefaneener said...

That looks like a Starmore, but I don't know what book. There's probably someone on the knitty board who does know, though. Good luck.