Sunday, May 06, 2007

Post MD Sheep & Wool Update

Well - I gave myself a limit of $100 for S&W and I stuck with it! I actually went over by $7, but the friend who was with me said - "you're not over, I am buying y0ur lunch!" So I accepted! LOL

I bought some basil and lavender (here's the basi freshly planted) , an ice cream cone, lunch (subtracted!) and a bit of yarn.

We started out at Brooks Farm where I bought some variegated rust Acero - superwash, viscose, silk blend. It's yummy. Then we cruised down to the main auditorium and went through that, then we watched a sheepdog demo, then we worked our way back up through the buildings.

My friend bought some gorgeous furniture from a wood worker there, so we went and got our cars and brought them around to pick up the furniture.

By now it was almost closing time and the crowd had thinned out considerably, so I cruised back past Brooks Farm and bought some more Acero - this time a gorgeous teal. It's single colored, but the various fibers take the yarn differently, so it has a heathered appearance. Nice stuff. It's sort of heavy fingering weight.

Peg also bought some yarn from Brooks Farm -Riata. I am going to make her a clapotis out of it. Should be astoundingly beautiful!

I also spent a little time just hanging around on the farm taking pictures today. Some of my faves...

Self explantory - it's a bleeding heart!

And here is Gunner, the giant Corgi with tulips!

Finally, here's some knitting -

Peg's vest. It fits her great. Now all I need to do is add the frontband & neckband and add the hem edging. I think I will try making the front band in the same diagonal motif as the front detail. Hem will probably just be ribbing or seed stitch.

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Jess said...

How fun! I am jealous! Your yarn and knitting and photographs look great!