Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Knitting update!

Finally took some knitting pics!

What I am working on -

Red Gansey - no pics. No progress since last time I posted about it. Can we say "stalled"?

Baltic Sea Stole - It's now at 32". This pic shows a nickel on the fabric with the yarn draped across it. I tried to get a pic of the whole thing, but the pic looked ugly. I need to figure out how to get an accurate photo of this stole because it is freaking beautiful! However, I still have about another 32" of stole left to knit. Maybe by the summer...

Optimum socks. These are the Daylily socks in Optimum DK. The pattern is pretty, but I don't think I will do it again. Lots of K3 tog which I find to be a big PITA. I am also not too thrilled with the Optimum. Like the angora I worked with last year, it's just TOO soft, not enough body. I am finding I like a yarn with a little bit of beef and boing!
Peg's vest is a variation on the Navaho vest out of "Folk Vests". It's knit side to side and I think that it is showing off the hand painted yarn really nicely. I am doing it in straight stockinette, but stuck a pattern panel in there to break things up a bit. I am a little worried about sizing, but the back is started with provisional cast on, so I can add a bit there if necessary.

Anyway - now off to go for a trailride!

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Emma said...

Beautiful works in progress. The colors in your stole are gorgeous, I can tell even without a full photo it's going to be amazing!