Saturday, October 28, 2006

Knitting Update - Making Strides

Baby blankie is up to 27"! Once I finish off the partial ball of yarn in the pic, I am done. Will wash & dry and wrap up to go off to my nephew's family to await the new arrival.

Baltic Sea Stole - Haven't been doing a huge amount of work on this. But it's coming along. I try to get a little done every night even though I am focused on Casino right now.

Casino Shawl - This is where I have been spending most of my time. It's an Ann Hanson pattern and is absolutely gorgeous in Ebony Sea Silk.

Boucle Quick Ribbed Scarf - This is a cutesy little ball of Boucle Mohair Blend from Sheep and Wool. It will be a Christmas present for a neice. It's a fast knit.

Stash Enchancement! This is a skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Hard to see in the pic, but it's a gorgeous muted blend of dark green, blue, charcoal and ochre. Destined to be a pair of socks. Then there are two skeins of CTH Fingering silk - maybe diagonal triangle tank or something similar. Then there is one skein of Schaefer Patty - boucle silk. Destined to be a Christmas scarf. And a skein of Blue Heron Beaded something - another Christmas scarf/small shawl.

Angora entrelac scarf - haven't touched it, so no new pics.

Total work done:
Blankie - 24x6
Stole - 15x3
Casino - 40(?)x7
Scarf - 5x30

About 580 square inches of knitting since last report! WOW! And that doesn't include any frogging of which there was a fair amount getting Casino started!

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