Friday, October 06, 2006

Quick little knitting update!

Here's the diagonal Triangle Tank. Almost done. I actually had sewed it up, then realized that it was WAY too long in the armscye for my sis, so shortened it about 1 1/2". Left to do, restitch shoulder seams, put on finishing single crochet borders. Whew! Hope to do that tonight and finish for an October 10 b-day!

Baby blankie is at 20" in length. I am on skein #4. I definitely have another skein, but would have sworn that I bought six skeins - wierd. I think it will still be okay - probably about 24 x 30.

Added three inches on the entrelac scarf. I will be glad when this is done because frankly, I HATE this yarn. Like it less and less as I work with it, but I think the gal who is destined to get if for Christmas will love it. (she had BETTER! LOL)

Finally, the Baltic Sea Stole. Another 3" on that too. Too bad it photographs so poorly - it's really neat!

Once I finish Sis's top, I will put my nose to the grindstone on the tank and wrap that up, then probably start a claptois for one of the nieces for Christmas. I got some SWTC Phoenix on deep sale and that might be really pretty.

Okay - off to pack up for a clinic ride this afternoon. I am getting taped, so hopefully will be able to pull some stills off the tape.

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Stefaneener said...

They're so pretty! You get so much done. Sorry you hate the scarf. I find falling out of love with a yarn doesn't ever get better -- it's no fun.