Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Update

well - I know it's past Thanksgiving, but that's when I took the pics, so that's what I am really updating! LOL

Very pleased to say that the baby blankie is finished! YAY!

Finished a quickie little boucle scarf for Christmas.

Made HUGE progress on Casino.

Not much progress at all on the Baltic Sea Stole or the entrelac scarf.

Started a pair of socks - Mountain Colors Bearfoot - I am liking it alot.

Started another little boucle scarf - this one in Schaefer Patti - a silk boucle. A little meh about this yarn. It's nice to try these things out on scarves! LOL

Blankie finished out at 24x30, so added 3x24 from last time: 72 sq in
Scarf finished at 5x50, so added 5x20: 100 sq in
Hard to measure Casino as it is a decreasing triangle, but am at about 27" deep and working the border. Someone else can do the math,but am guessing about 280 sq. in
Socks are 9" long by about 8" around: 72 sq in.
New boucle scarf is about 7x10 at this point: 70 sq in.
No pics of that one yet because the colors turned out crappy on the photo and I haven't had time for the redo.

So about 594 square inches for the month. Not too shabby, especially considering riding and working! LOL.

Picked up baby Callas from John's today. She goes off to the sale barn next weekend, but he thought she had a bit of an owie, so I want to get her to my vet before I send her away.

I have been riding tons, especially considering the weather.

Learned how to make a DVD with my Tivo - how fun is that?!? LOL

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Stefaneener said...

Oh, every time I read your blog I'm reminded how much my Thing 3 wants a horse and I wish wish wish I could give him that life.

Me? I'd love to knit lots of square inches and lace like you! Lots done.