Thursday, October 26, 2006

Baby Callas goes to Camp

I have been trying to blog for days, but Blogger has been a bit difficult. Got in this am and here's a pony report!

We started little Callas this summer, but she was quite growthy and there were a few little bugs (bucking and rearing!) that didn't quite get ironed out. So she went off to "camp" at John's place.

She's doing great!

Here she is starting to walk with a connection (that soft bow in her neck).

Then we have a lovely relaxed canter.

Then she and John took a little break! LOL

Then they went for her FIRST trail ride where she learned to walk over a big tire. She was totally awesome.

On the knitting front, zipping along, but haven't finished anything new - will try to post pics this weekend.

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Stefaneener said...

She looks collected and relaxed. Good camp!