Sunday, April 08, 2007

Quiet Sunday

Have ridden quite a bit this month, but no pics. And am knitting away, but no pics of that either. Maybe I will try to grab some this afternoon. No FO's - just work in progress - the same work that has been in progress for a while, except I started some Dayflower socks for my neice in bubblegum pink Optimum! I made them ankle socks because I don't think I have enough yarn for "normal" socks, but I think they will be cute and hopefully I will have enough to finish the feet!

Just going through the camera and found this. We had a cold misty night last month. So cold that the mist frosted everything. Too amazing! Here are some pics from that morning.

Here's Rowdy - greeting the morning! He's such a showboat!

Some cedar branches - love how the frost and the cedar are so congruent.

Even inanimate objects had BIG frost.

I love this view of the frozen pond behind the trees and frosted pasture weeds.

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