Thursday, May 26, 2016

Starting to come back together!

So stuff is happening!  So exciting!

Here's my bedroom.  It was purple before.  This makes me much happier!

Master bath with drywall in place!

This will be my craft room.  Sweet!

Here's the guest bedroom.  It's actually pink.  Maybe a little pinker than I expected!  LOL

Guest bath.  Tub and drywall in place!

This is the den.  Not painted yet, but French doors in place. 
Pretty, eh?

Kitchen-ish.  Not a whole lotta change, but the cabinet header is in place.  Still need to pick flooring and finalize paint color here.  (check out the can lights - we haz illumination!)

Living room painted.  I love how this color looks!  So warm and inviting.  The original white (in DR) is so cold that it looks blue in comparison!

Wainscotting color in teeny swatch. I think it will be nice.  Another shot contrasting the cold white of the original paint with the new paint.

Just got the price for the kitchen countertop that I wanted - 4K.  Ummm No.  Back to the drawing board!

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