Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mid Feb update

How time flies when you are having fun!

After I do this will run out and chop away at some of the frozen snow coating the place. No pics at present of our frozen acres! Needless to say, not much happening on the riding front. Shad's leg is still healing, but is moving along nicely.

On the knitting front, I guess the cold weather is good for something!

Red sweater - almost completed first pattern row. Looking VERY spiff!

Hank's socks - if you look at the pic, you will realize that we have regressed. Wound up frogging the whole thing & redoing the toes with Japanese short rows. Highly recommended, much neater and tighter than wrapped short rows. I also decided to just use stockinette for the socks. He doesn't care about the fancy stitches and I am trying to teach myself how to do toe-up gussets, so the simpler the better this time around. I actually knitted quite a bit more after this pic. Am up to the gusset start on one sock and have about an inch or so of the blue on the second sock.

Baltic Sea stole - HURRAY! Have finally tinked back to the error. You may be able to see the lifeline sitting there. I just hope I calculated correctly as to where I was in the pattern because of course, I didn't count back on the rows I was tinking - DOH! So now I can start moving forward on this one again. If I EVER EVER EVER suggest doing anything in lace weight silk in future, please just put me out of my misery before I start.

Blue/variegated scarf is done, but I am very disappointed in it. Knitted it with Lisa Souza's sock yarn. The yarn is lovely, but unfortunately, the colors from one end of the skein to the other are quite variable and I don't think it does anything for this scarf. Might frog it and redo as a moebius - the color variation would work more as a feature there and less as a bug. Tried to get a pic of it, but the photo doesn't show how huge the change is. That's the good and the bad side of hand-dyed yarns - amazing variation - sometimes it works for you, sometimes not.
Peg's vest is on the back burner for a bit. Need to frog that too and rethink the design. Once I get going though, I think it will go pretty fast.
Now off to shovel (or pickaxe!)

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Jan said...

HI, Thanks for the nice comment on my socks. I have never been able to make a pair of toe-up socks that I like. The toe always ends up looking deformed and the increases leave holes. So you are way ahead of me there. I know what you mean about hand-dyed yarn. But your lace is very pretty. Takes forever to knit doesn't it? The only thing that keeps me going sometimes is how pretty it will look when done :-)