Sunday, February 04, 2007

Busy Bee!

Haven't been riding much. Hank was away for the week and it's fierce trying to run the place by oneself, especially in the winter!

But I have been knitting! and unknitting :(

Baltic Sea Stole - still haven't gotten all the way back to the mistake. This is so slow and painstaking. Once we start going forward again on this, definitely will be dropping a lifeline on this one for the next little while.

Hub's socks. Started them in all blue, but miscalculated the gauge and they were HUGE! So I frogged them and restarted with nifty hidden colored toes. I used short row toes to start, but have been trying to find gusseted heels because I think they will be a bit sturdier for him - just found this site on knittyboard - So I think that will help enormously!

My red gansey is coming along. Partly through the first pattern section. I am quite pleased so far. Almost done with the first ball - panicked at first when I reached the end of the ball because I only got 5 skeins, then remembered it's circular and that's the front and back done to this point (DOH!)

And started a little quick scarf out of some of the Lisa Souza. It's a simple twin rib pattern, but really shows the yarn off IMO.

I also helped a pal transfer her old computer to her new computer and went to a camera class this weekend. Gosh, it's no wonder that I am tired when I go back to work on Monday! LOL

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Stefaneener said...

I did the exact same thing with a sweater in the round! Too funny.

You have been busy!