Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Working away!

Saturday is our Mounted Cowboy Shoot (in Thurmont, MD - let me know if anyone wants details!), so I have been trying to get in some saddle time. Never the less, I have been knitting up a storm!

Here's my stuff....

Diagonal Triangle Tank blocking.

Baby Blankie moving right along.

Entrelac Scarf in progress. I decided not to change colors every row because I had to cut and tie off threads each time. Finishing was gonna be TOO Much work, so I am just carrying the color up the side.

Last but not least, the first couple of inches for the Baltic Sea Stole. I am doing it in Schaefer Andrea - the pattern calls for sport weight I think, so this will be a narrow shawl as I didn't add repeats for width. I think it's gonna be GORGEOUS!

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Stefaneener said...

I think you're right! What a lovely lot of things you have going on.