Monday, September 18, 2006

Bad Blogger update!

Well - I have been doing lots of stuff since I last touched base - more riding than knitting, but I managed a few things.

Finished objects - two Christmas scarves for the brothers-in-law. Did these in Louet Merlin - a bit splitty to knit with, but feels great in the hand and I think has very nice stitch definition.

That daggone tank for me is still not done.

The diagonal triangle tank for sis is almost done.

The Andrea shawl for other sis is on hold until the triangle tank is done. Front is folded on left, back is on two sets of circs waiting for finishing details, then sew it together and VOILA! Of course, she lives in Montana and it's getting cold there. Guess she will just have to wait for spring!

And started an entrelac scarf out of angora that I got on deep discount. I am glad I tried it on the cheap because I don't like it much. It's actually too soft for my taste. I like a little more body. I think the entrelac will work well though and will give it a little support.

So the question is, I screwed up picking up the first row of green on the entrelac scarf. Frog it? or put some beads on it and hide it? LOL I think I will probably frog it. I hate making mistakes!

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