Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Trail riding & ice cream

Sig’s leg still looks icky, but it’s not bothering him and he’s completely sound. Picked up my sister and her horse and went trail-riding yesterday at a really nice venue that’s not far from home. He was such a rock star. We were on a twisty trail and a mountain biker came flying around the corner - Sig barely flicked an ear - so steady! My sister’s mare is a seasoned fox hunter and she even spooked a little. We just moseyed b/c the trail is pretty hilly and rocky and we are all (people and horses!) not very fit. It was so beautiful - cool and clear with a beautiful breeze. I did have a coughing fit from pollen at one point - but other that than that - perfect! Fun stuff.

On the way back home in the trailer, we came around a corner only to find a tree down in the road. It must have just happened because it’s a fairly busy road. We jumped out and started trying to move it. Fortunately several other cars came up and some beefy guys got out and made short work of clearing one lane. A goofy little adventure to end our day!

Sunday, I made home-made ice cream for the barn Memorial Day party.  One batch of Coffee Stout and one batch of Honey Peanut butter.  OMG - SOOO good and really easy.  The Coffee Stout was custard based and the Honey Peanut butter was "American style", which doesn't include eggs.  The custard based one took a little longer because you have to cook the eggs, but it was maybe 25 minutes of prep and 20 minutes of churning, then into the freezer for 24 hours.  The other one took even less time.  It was a big hit.

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