Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Frog Experiment - Day 1

Sig's frogs are eaten up with thrush. I have been thinking about how to manage the problem and came across this series of articles Treatment of Disease in the Equine Frog.  It certainly looks worth a try, so I am going to see if we can get Sig's feet in better shape. He is not exactly lame, but is a little sensitive in his hinds and sometimes feels a bit off.

I have ordered some No Thrush, but while waiting for it to arrive I decided to get started anyway.

Here are Sig's Hind Feet prior to any treatment.

This is the right hind, picked out, but not washed.  It doesn't look so horrible, eh?

This is the left hind, also picked out, but not cleaned.  It looks worse than the right hind, but again, not so bad.

Here are the hinds after thorough washing.  You can see that the tip of the frog is non-existent in both feet.  The left frog also has huge craters and crevices.  Ugh.

I washed both feet using Dr Bronners soap until the suds were white instead of brown.  Then dried the feet and treated the right with Thrushbuster and the left with Listerine and will do this daily until the No Thrush arrives and I can start using that and see how that goes.  

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