Monday, September 05, 2011

Great Lesson this morning

Had a super lesson from Tiffany this morning. Rode Shad and we have been working on better suppleness & engagement for him and better sitting for me - more upright and also being supple in my left shoulder. The three takeaways for today are 1) "ride for the 10" from the get-go. 2) Maintain straightness on the right side - really push the right hind leg up into the right rein for a stronger right hind. 3) Maintain a supple connection to the left bridle and ride almost with a feeling of left flexion to help soften the left side of the body.

Shad pic for the day (from earlier in the year)

Also started a moebius with some of my own handspun yarn - first project with my own yarn! Woot!

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