Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pre-Day One with Kathleen Lindley

Pre-Day One

Headed down to SC to work with Kathleen Lindley for a week long session. I
brought Headed down to SC to work with Kathleen for a week. I brought Shadow, my
11 yo QH and Callas, a (young) 6 yo Westphalian mare.

Arrived in SC after a long hard haul from Va. It was really windy and I was
below speed almost all the way, so wound up arriving after dark. Pones unloaded
quietly, explored their paddock, then took a good long drink and settled in to
munching their hay. It wasn't that cold so I left blankets off.

Sunday am I came out to a very cold morning and shivering horses so I tossed their blankets on and gave them more hay. Sunday was planned as a kind of chill out day so I just pulled
Shad out in the afternoon for a brief ride. He was a little anxious but got a bit better feel as we worked so I was pretty pleased. The ring is adjacent to our assigned paddock and the whole time we were riding Callas was zooming around the paddock in a highly anxious state

Finally it all got to be too much for her and she jumped out of the paddock (smashing the top rail in two). She was a little high but was actually pretty easy to catch since I had what she wanted--Shadow!

We had already planned to talk about my goals for the week at dinner on Sunday night and at least one task was crystal clear-we need to work on separation anxiety!

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