Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just a quickie update for July

Horses are doing great. Henry is off at cowboy shooting with Austin today - I weenied out. Too hot! But here are Shad and I at a Cowboy Versatility competion. He was a little worried about this bridge, but in the end, got used to it and crossed it very nicely.

The flowers are beautemeous now, but just passing their peak - heading into that hot part of summer where we get a little light on flowers. I need to find some more perennials to bloom through this time of year.

Knitting is going nicely. I have a couple of languishing WIP's, but I finished some cutie stuff.

A little top/dress for a friend's new baby. The pattern is a free pattern from Ravelry - Little Sister Dress.

Wrapped up a multi-morphing shawl (it has been through more incarnations than Prince!) for my sister. I like how it came out - I thought the two-color thing might look dorky, but I think in this particular set of colors, it's pretty.

As usual, check out the NeverBlue farm website for more of everything!

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