Saturday, October 27, 2007

End of October update

Finally finished Peg's vest. I am very pleased with how it came out!

Updated the web page with finished pics of the Entrelac scarf. I wish I were a better photographer - it's simply beautiful and the pics don't do it justice.

Also have some WIP snaps up - socks and a hat.

On the pony front - the rain (welcome as it is!) has sorta put a kabosh on much riding. They are in now, getting dry and munching hay. I will put them out a bit later as the sun is now peeking through.

Had a bit of an adventure this am. Biz, one of our boarders, got cast. What this means is that she rolled and got stuck against the side of the stall. So now we have a 1200 lb horse squished up against the stall and unable to get any purchase to push herself up and away. It's a bad situation and dangerous for horse and human alike. Fortunately she was pretty calm - would struggle now and again to push herself up, then would lay still and look at me "Lady - I need a little help here!"

I went to get Henry because I knew I couldn't move her myself. While I was waiting for him to dress and come out, I pushed a bale of hay in next to her front legs, hoping she could use it to gain a little purchase and push herself up. Instead of using it to get up, she started eating it! Horses just crack me up!

Once Henry came out, we were able to pull her over by her front legs - I had to push her head over because she was a little stuck against the stall doorway and then helped push her knees over and she was able to scramble to her feet. I was afraid that she would squish Henry, but she was pretty careful of him. Adrenalin moment for the morning!

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