Tuesday, August 08, 2006

At Long Last!!! CotR is finished!!!

Creatures of the Reef Shawl is completed! Whoo Hoo! What a project that was.

I don't remember when I cast on. Late May? Maybe June.

This is in laceweight linen (Euroflax Milan) in lichen on #4 needles. It's a very beautiful subtle sage-y green. Took one 100 gram cone (625 yds) plus a little bit of the second cone. Now I have to figure out what to do with about 600 yards of laceweight linen!

Here it is on the blocking board. The board is 36x48.

Here it is draped over the balcony. It's amazing!!!

And here it is on the bed, so that you can see some of the patterns better. From the bottom, sea shell border, then a row of eyelet "bubbles", then some crabs and sea horses, more bubbles, some starfish, some bubbles, some fishies swimming left and some fishies swimming right and finally some frothy sea foam.

I did NOT feel the love starting out with this pattern. Made a mistake early on and had to tink back stitch by stitch over 800 stitches! Argh! But it gets easier as you get into the swing of it and each row gets shorter by 4 stitches, so the end actually gets very exciting! LOL

Anyway. DONE!


Jen said...

That's a great color; the pattern shows up really well. Very nice work!

Jerry & Maxy said...

It is very nice work indeed. I'm still in awe of that Palomino.

The Purloined Letter said...

Fantastic! How did you like working with the laceweight linen? I'll have to try it!

FairyGodKnitter said...

Wow! What a great color. Now I want to knit this one!

Sarah said...

Lovely! Did you find working lace in such an inflexible fibre worth it?

K said...

The laceweight linen was fine to work with. Although I think I will stick to fingering weight and above in future. It just takes such a long time to finish up a lace-weight object!

Stefaneener said...

I'm always stunned when I see this done. What lovely work. What a great color.