Monday, July 31, 2006

Just a quick update.

Plugging along on CotR. Am now on the fish motif, row 105 or thereabouts. I am sure there are a few mistakes scattered about. I keep winding up either short a stitch or with an extra on the motifs, but hey - if you can spot it, more power to ya! LOL

Tank is languishing.

Baby blankie went with me on a short road trip yesterday and I got another inch or so done. It's so nice to have a "take-along" project. CotR - NO WAY. Tank would be okay, but I am at the yoke and will need a little more focus than I can offer on a car ride!

Rode Shadow in a REALLY good lesson Saturday, taught on him yesterday. Rode today and he was a dog. I am going to have to rethink using him as a lesson horse. OTOH, it is so freakin' hot that I wasn't very high energy myself. We didn't do much, but I did want to get him out. Pones are tucked away in the barn with their fans blowing. I always debate out or in, but I think it's less buggy in and at least they are assured a breeze with the fans on.

Then I put on my plantkiller hat and went out and applied round-up to the extensive weeds in the riding ring. I have tried the more natural method of pulling them up and I just can't keep up. So I apologized to the weeds and then squirted them.

Now to shower and off to work!

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