Saturday, May 13, 2006


Well this was going to be a knitting update, but just had to report that Rowdy the bad got skunked last night. He is currently stashed in the horse trailer awaiting a bath. He's really stinky!!!!

On the knitting front, I have done three rows of Creatures of the Reef in Milan laceweight linen. It's knitting up fine, but I think I have decided that I am much happier in fingering weight! This is gonna take forever!!! LOL

Swatched my purple/black/gray wool/silk again. It wasn't going to work for the top I was thinking of, so am looking at doing a cropped vest. I only have 660 yards, so it's a bit of a squeeze to get a wearable out of it. No sleeves, no length to the body, no cables. This is a design challenge!!!

Swatched the koigu baby blanket yarn. Swatched on #5's, not totally happy with it, will swatch again on #4's and see if I have to force myself to suffer with the smaller needles. The yarn is really pretty, but a little bit girly - don't know if the baby is boy or girl at this point - was trying for a unisex yarn. Will have to post a pic and get opinions.

And I think that's lots of knitting (plus I have two lace WIP's that I should do something with).

Gotta feed the ponies and give the BAD dog a bath!

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Stefaneener said...

That is a lot of knitting.

Do you know about the cool de-skunking formula that's all over the web? It's supposed to work better than tomato juice.