Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Restash in pics

Well - a friend of mine says "if it doesn't taste good enough to be worth the calories don't eat it!"

So here are my post/pre Stashalong splurges.

Euroflax Milan lace weight. Can't wait to get started with this. It's sitting by my desk as my petting yarn right now! LOL. This will be a Creatures of the Reef shawl.

Schaefer Andrea. Laceweight silk. Ohlala! This will be a TBD. Will swatch and see how it knits up as entrelac.

Lorna's Laces Sock. The camoflouge (?sp) color. For my nephew - a hat. Cabled spider. Ohyeah!

Last but not least - more Koigu. Another baby blanket. I am out of my freakin mind. Will swatch on 5's. If I don't get too anal, I might be able to do that instead of 4's. Crazed.

Horse stuff.

Rode little Biz today. She is such a nice little mare. Easy peasy. No bucks in the canter, left canter felt quite nice. Right canter still awfully stiff, but she is getting more supple. Also stepped on Ranger - a big chestnut QH who belongs to a student. What a fun horse. He's a little green, a little crooked, but nice movement and a nice disposition. Then hopped on Smokey (boarder) for a bit during the lesson with his owner. He is coming right along. I am most pleased with him. Need to drop a note to the folks who are training Shadow and ask for the weekly report. I miss my big baby boy!

Off to work the DFS - on repeat 6 - will probably take it to 8, but maybe more. Will decide as I go along.

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Stefaneener said...

I'm so impressed with your baby blankets. Truly a gift of love.