Friday, December 02, 2005

Felting 101

Okay - First felting project done. French Market Bag from Knitty. It's drying now.

Lessons learned...SWATCH!!! LOL!

I used Lambs Pride Worsted and Nashua Wooly Stripes and then used some scrap thick and thin with a metallic thread as an accent. The scrap was a leap of faith because I couldn't remember if it was wool or synthetic or what. Everything actually felted nicely, but differently! Yikes!

The Wooly Stripes felted beautifully - I actually wish I had used more of it. The LP also felted nicely, but not as intensely as the WS, so it is a bit looser and some stitch definition still shows. And I lucked out because the scrap yarn also felted - there are just some little gold unfelted stitches hanging out here and there - it looks okay.

I can see using the different felting properties of yarns as a design element. But that will have to wait.

On the sticks - Shedir hat - almost done
Christmas vest for hubby - embryonic - am rethinking the design, don't know if I can make it for Christmas

Scarf for sis (Am thinking of branching out or a mini-clapotis)
Scarf or Purse for Neice
Vest (Maybe) for Nephew - I have some nice blue Silky wool I got for cheap that would be pretty.


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